Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day #180

Wow! What an eventful day! I'll procede for bullet points because I'm awful at summaries and I foresee a very long entry.

- This early morning, Claire and I, caught a taxi* to Kangaroo Point to go rock climbing. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs are popular among sporty people: the narrow parkland at the feet of the cliffs is perfect for jogging, the access to the river for those who love kayaking and other water sports is eased by many docks and of course, the cliffs themselves are equipped with everything you could wish for climbing. 
We had a coupon for a two hour session with Riverlife, but ended up staying there for nearly three hours. Our instructors, Stu and Haymitch, showed us how to fix our harnesses and the basics of belaying. Claire and I paired up, each of us climbed twice, got plenty of bruises and hurt our already sore hands even more, but we had really good fun!!! Best part was reaching the top and realizing how badass we were for having done that :P It does give a boost to your confidence all right! 
Sometimes, when your hands were sweaty and you were losing hold on the rock, you might have thought of giving up, but we would cheer the other up in turns and always find the strength to make it to the end! [Thank Goodness this was supposed to be short!]

- After that I was exhausted. We climbed up a set of very narrow and steep stairs and got to the parklands at the top of the cliffs. There we lied down on the grass and soaked up the sun. A guy stopped and asked Claire for her number! The way he did that was cute, but that's another story..

- Once back to the river, we got on the CityHopper, City-bound. In Queen St. Mall we had lunch with sushi rolls: yummy!!! We also had custard buns for dessert, because we were /totally/ going for healthy today. Crossed the river once again and stopped in Southbank for more sun and sleep. Good thing we though of bringing beach towels!

- Back in Hamilton we decided to go our separate ways to get ready for a party in New Farm. We met again at Biblos, this restaurant/pub in Portside, together with Rossella and Chicca - Claire's flatmates, and other colleagues of Claire's. We had drinks** and chips and then got a maxi-taxi to New Farm.
Ah! This taxi ride was fun. We weren't that drunk, but we started singing along with the radio, out loud, and the poor taxi driver drove like a mad man to get us out of his cab ASAP!!! From now on I'll always do this, if that helps saving up some money! lol

- The party was at some colleagues of Claire's new house - a shack, really.. They got a very good deal for it because in 6 months they'll bring it down, but still, roomy enough for the three of them and with a beautiful terrace on the starry night sky. We had small tapas, tequila shots and more beer and played some music. Turned out our music was a little bit too loud because we had a visit from the cops***. It was just 5 to midnight when they came, but given the following day would have been a Monday, the neighbours must have called to make sure to get a good night sleep. 

- That was when we decided to walk to the Valley, in the chilly night air, to this place called The Family, where on Sunday nights they have gay night, which apparently is the most fun you can get. So, we get to the club, we're in line to show our IDs to the bouncer AND I DON'T HAVE MY ID! I mean, it's not in my purse and I don't really know whether I left it home or lost it on the way, but really praying I left it home. It was home.
The others got in, and despite it being only 1:30AM, I made my way back to Hamilton on yet another taxi. It'll be for next time.

*The SonofabEEEP got the taxi timer running even if Claire was still getting her coffee at a bar nearby. He only stopped it after I threatened to pay him for that and take another cab to our destination. 
I admit not being used to taking taxis, never had in Italy nor anywhere else I've been, but the experience I have here in Australia is that if they can, taxi drivers'll slow down, get the wrong turn, miss deliberately the green light just to get more money.
**I'm getting used to drinking beer and wine as they're both cheaper than cocktails or shots here in Oz.
***First thought ''They are dressed up funny these friends of Claire's.'' 
Second thought ''Is this like in Magic Mike in which they turn out to be strippers?'' 
Let me tell you, they weren't strippers, and they didn't look anything like Channing Tatum.