Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day #191

You know when older and wiser people than you tell you not to postpone to tomorrow what you can do today? They have a point.

Yesterday (yes, the date of this post says Aug 15th, but I'm writing this entry on Aug 16th, so humor me) I had a little bit too much to drink and came home from Claire's pretty late, but probably I would have managed to write just a couple of lines on our Girls' Night In. Instead, I find myself doing that today, after a veeeeeery long shift at the restaurant and just as tired.

Bottom line: if you think you can manage to do it today, then do it today!

At the restaurant, the afternoon shift was pretty boring. Had close to nobody for lunch and I served no more than 5 coffees throughout the afternoon. Basically, what I did was coming up with things to do: I polished glasses, cutlery, shelves, replaced the water for the flowers, polished some more, prepared the candles for the evening..

As Claire wasn't feeling good, we decided to skip the Cloudland and spend a quite night in. We bought some beef steaks and I had zucchini, that needed to be used, in the fridge. We also indulged in desserts, getting ourselves a Viennetta. On our way back to Claire's unit, we stopped at the bottle shop and got a bottle of Chardonnay to wash down supper.
Dinner was delicious, wine was all right but the best touch was the Viennetta! I hadn't had one in years!
As we ate, we watched Moulin Rouge. Man, that movie is good!!!!! I sang along pretty much every song.
By the end of the night, we had finished both the bottle of wine and the Viennetta. Just the two of us. And that's how I decided not to post anything yesterday night but do it today. BIG. MISTAKE.