Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day #215

What a lovely day at the beach I had today!
This morning with Paolo, Sabrina, Alberto, Luca, Martina, Giulia and Graziano we set to go to Marina Mirage, this seaside place on the Gold Coast. There we met with yet two other Italians, Frank and Romina, whom I got to know last month at Paolo's birthday party (yes, blog post for said day is still 'in progress'. In case you were wondering, I met Giulia that time as well, she was dressed up as Wednesday Addams, while I met Graziano only last Sunday, when Paolo became Australian citizen).

Weather was glorious, but the ocean was choppy and the currents were so strong that just a short swim has been my undoing! I mean, try to swim in between the lifeguards' flags when the current is pushing you in the opposite direction! Most of the time it felt as if I wasn't going anywhere despite my efforts. Literally, you'd cast a glimpse at the coastline and you'd realize you hadn't moved a bit, if anything, the current had pushed you backwards.

Sunbathing felt great, though, and the picnic we had in the shades was even better! Marti prepared some really yummy barley salad and Sabri made some sandwiches: it was exactly what I needed after skipping breakfast and especially after swimming in the morning.

Just before setting on our way back, we stopped in a bar for some cool drinks. Heavens know how I needed that iced mocha! My goodness, I'd been sleeping all morning and through most of the afternoon.

For dinner, Luca bought pizza for all of us. We ordered take-aways from the restaurant Giulia works at and let me tell you, that pizza was awesome!

Tomorrow I'm planning another field trip, so a) Greg, don't expect me on Skype b) you all, sorry for the abrupt ending of this post but - guess what? - I need to sleep! I said I wanted to make the most of my last couple of weeks in Brisbane, so tomorrow I'll be visiting Stradbroke Island!!! #Excited
Picture taken and edited by Sabri.
Scusatemi infinitamente se non traduco stasera, ma domani mi sveglio ancora all'alba perché vado a fare un'altra gita - oggi sono andata al mare in Gold Coast. Traduco domani sera o, molto più probabilmente, martedì in mattinata..
Voglio sfruttare al massimo le ultime due settimane che mi rimangono qui a Brisbane, quindi domani visita a Stradbroke Island!!! :D