Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day #224

Sorry for not posting this sooner! 
Today was my last day off in Brissy, if you do not count Saturday, which I do not. I spent the morning cleaning my bathroom and doing the things I was meant to do yesterday but didn't do because reasons.

Then I met with Cake at Le Bon Choix, the more-than-once-mentioned french bakery on Racecourse Rd. Tomorrow she's moving out and we wanted to do eat something together as parting feast. We got croissants with butter and jam: simple, yet so delicious!
Later in the afternoon I went with Claire to Toombul. I was looking for a hat, since I'll need it to work under the sun in Orange. Couldn't find any, but Claire told me she got hers downtown, so I might go and check that out tomorrow morning.

On the bus back to Hamilton, we met Elisa, an Italian girl I met at Paolo's birthday party and who works at Milany, the ice-cream place just a couple of shops distance from Trattoria. I'm glad we saw her, so I could say goodbye.

Claire and I had then dinner at Northern Thai, this thai restaurant next to said ice-cream shop. We shared spring rolls and then got Pad Thai noodles with seafood and prawns. It was good, but not even close to Mama's. She was the chef of Bamboo, one of the restaurants we had on the resort I worked for in the Maldives. For dessert I got banana fritters because everything tastes better when fried.
We spent the rest of the evening talking and I got back to my place after 1am. 
I'm sure gonna miss Claire and our chats a lot when I'm in Orange!