Friday, 20 September 2013

Day #227

I should probably start writing on here as it's already passed midnight..
Today was a long day.

I sent a parcel home and I might have spent a little bit more money than I thought I would. I hate to admit that, but my father was probably right when he said I'd have paid less for the surcharge on my checked-in luggage while flying back home than for sending a box via mail. He actually suggested I should throw my books away - wait, what?, not bother about mailing anything home and cut it short that way. Now, I couldn't possibly do that to my books.
As I mentioned before, it was expensive all right. I was given the option of either having it sent by sea and delivered between two or three months or sent via air mail and given to my family in ten working days. I would have loved a compromise, but being put on the spot, I chose the ten days option: do you have any idea what can happen to a parcel in three months?!? Why do they even keep it as an alternative? Anyway, the difference in price was /only/ that the former was half of the latter's price.

Spending so much money on it made me think of how I'll manage my last month in this part of the World, as I'm planning a month-and-a-half long vacation and I realized this: I didn't come to Australia to save money. I came here to visit new places, meet new people, experience and learn new things. Money was never in the prizes and I'd be happy to go home with just the money I had transferred from my italian account last February.
However, now I know better than sending heavy parcels anywhere.

Lunch shift at the restaurant was quiet and dinner wasn't that much different. Tomorrow I'll drop by Trattoria to hand over my uniforms, but tonight I said goodbye to Kyle and Tunde and also to my friends from the kitchen. I'm gonna miss them and I kind of have a feeling that is going to be mutual.
Was it just me or did I see Davina's eyes glisten with held back tears?
I almost broke this afternoon as I said goodbye to Anna, from the kitchen, and tonight when I was spoking with Tunde. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with.

In case you are wondering, yes, the three hour break I had this afternoon has been enough: I finished packing and now it's only a matter of checking the weight of my carry-on and my backpack. Thank Goodness, Claire came over for half an hour: she was really helpful while I was sorting out what to bring and what to leave here.

Okay, off I go. Washing machine has just finished and I have to hang my uniform and the last pairs of socks and panties. Am I ready for tomorrow? Almost. Am I ready for my last night in Hamilton? Most certainly yes, as that involves sleeping! One thing at a time :)

Sì, lo so che mi state odiando! Ma ho in progetto di tradurre gli ultimi post tutti insieme.. fatemi solo partire e arrivare a destinazione! Scusatemi!