Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day #225

Today Cake moved out. 
I spent the morning in catching up on lost sleep and then I headed downtown on a quest to find a hat. I did find one in the place I was recommended by Claire and then I went to visit Enzo and Sabri at the markets. 

I didn't stay there long, though. I had to work in the afternoon at Trattoria and couldn't stay there too long. Leaving the markets was kind of sad, I spent so many beautiful Wednesdays there! How will I go on without my weekly fix of passion fruit cheesecake?!!!!

Anyways, at the restaurant we had a good night: not dead empty but neither crazy busy. It was good, I received many wishes for my upcoming trip and Lore checked specifically the weather forecast for Orange thinking of me. (Spoiler alert: it's freaking cold!)

What else? So yeah, now I'm alone in my room, which is great, if you ask me, because it's almost 1am and I still have my lights on and tomorrow I'm waking up before 7am to Skype with one of my besties in Italy. 
Geesh, looks like these will be busy busy busy days.