Monday, 4 February 2013

-2 days

Second day in London.
This blog entries are starting to get way too long. Problem is that one day in London feels like one week!

Attention: this post might be too awesome to handle.
In short, today I managed to lose my self and find my way again - not so awesome, I agree - see John and Hank Green IRL and get The Fault in Our Stars signed by both (Hank signed with an anglerfish) sing along with hundreds of other fans about Harry Potterquarks and how weird the universe is, listen to John answering even more questions about his book, fangirl over pretty much anything, meet my friend Sarah at the O2 Arena and visit Greenwich University - where, by the way, Thor 2 was shot.

Now, you'll probably be itching for pictures.. I know I'd be, I mean, I really would have loved to take one or two pictures of the Green brothers or just have some memories of my afternoon with Sarah. Fact is that my camera today decided to disappoint me and simply not even turn on.
What concerns me is that if the camera still doesn't work after I try to re-charge its battery again, I might have to buy a new one. Wouldn't it bug you?

Well, I won't let a stupid little thing like a camera spoil my excitement for the day. The event at the Cadogan Hall was awesome! I had a great time. John and Hank were amazing as usual, New York Times' best seller author Maureen Johnson was there with them too to ask them questions from the audience. John got to slap his brother on stage and he did sing too: I kind of feel privileged since he only did that at Carnegie Hall last month, and apparently yesterday at Swindon and probably on the other dates of the tour as well. Still. I loved it and felt special any less.

What made me smile, even though it might sound creepy, was that once sitting, two people hanging with their group of friends in the row in front of mine noticed that I was there alone and offered me a hug to make me feel less alone. I'm sure most of you won't understand, but that's just classic among Nerdfighters, I guess.
They asked us to record a 'DFTBA' - Don't Forget To Be Awesome - message while doing the Nerdfighters' gang sign, hopefully it won't be used against me in the future.

I had good fun with Sarah. First we went to the O2 Arena to eat - mind, it was already 3pm. I got a burger because I was starving, by the end of it I couldn't think of eating anything else for hours. Later we visited her campus in Greenwich. It was really lovely! She told me exactly where Sam Hemsworth had been standing and then we watched people freeing flying lanterns in the sky!

Once back at the hostel I skyped with my family and my family-in-Portland. I was just finished with it when a guy came in the room and told me quite rudely that I was in his bed. Turned out someone at the reception had messed up the booking and now I'm typing from the top bed - Kind of liked it more in the bottom one, though. See you!