Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day #148

Sleepy. Just got back home after leaving this morning at 9:30. It has been a long day. Will tell you more soon.

Things will get better. :)

Still feeling sleepy, but it's not too late and if I put this off once again, I might as well stop blogging!
Ok, so the day started off pretty early when I went to the flourist's on Racecourse Rd to buy a small plant for Sabrina's birthday. I placed it back in the unit and then I left straight away for the markets.
The weather was glorious and even though forecast said we had 24 °C, it felt a lot hotter. I stayed at the markets for a couple of hours helping Sabrina and Enzo out and later left without getting any pastry because I wanted to cut on the sweets for the week - last famous words.
Back in Hamilton, I went at Claire's to read some more from the book we started together, but as she spent the whole day in, she wanted to go out for a coffee and have a walk. We ended up at the Vanilla Pod in Ascot, the place where I had breakfast with Jess a couple of times. I had tea and we shared a slice of red velvet. On our way back, we stopped at my place to pick up some salad I had already in the fridge, we wanted to keep healthy - last famous word - and then at Coles, where, somehow, we bought pancakes preparation and apricot jam - so much for the healthy diet and all.

It was a good evening. We saw three animation pictures: The Lion King - Simba's Pride, Tangled and The Road to El Dorado. It was a good night but I was pregnant with pancakes in the end.

Stanchissima. Sono appena ritornata a casa dopo essere uscita alle 9 e mezza questa mattina: è stata una lunga giornata. Vi racconterò al più presto.
Le cose si sistemeranno. :)