Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day #176

When I reminded Paolo and Alberto that today was Harry Potter's birthday they looked at me in a funny way. I wonder.. Anyway!!! SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. TELL. YOU.

First of all: I have a new cellphone!!! It's a Nokia Lumia 520, it's yellow and it was love at first sight! Not only that, with my prepaid sim I have facebook and Whatsapp included and that is simply marvellous! Wait for tons of pics on fb and get ready to hear a lot from me! I might cry: I've already been chatting with my best friends and my mom!!!  How beautiful is that?!

Second of all: I bought myself The Hunger Games on dvd, because a) it's The Hunger Games b) it's Jen Lawrence we're talking about c) Josh Hutcherson 'nough said. Plus it was on sale :D [I'm spending WAAAAAAAY too much money these days.]

Third of all: I spent the day at the markets, helping Sabrina and Enzo out with the pasta stand, but mostly trying to figure out how to make my new phone work. To thank me, Enzo got me flowers and when Sabrina told him we didn't have any vase to put them in, he got me one as well! Crazy, sweet, caring Enzo!
I had the whole day off, so I stayed till the markets closed and went back home with Sabrina. 
Jeesh, we ate so much today! Oh my! The markets are bad for both your diet and your wallet! There was this stand selling Nutella Balls and we couldn't resist, then there was this other with the best turkish bread in Town and then Enzo cooked pasta for lunch and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something else..
Once home, since I hadn't had enough, I cooked myself some Pasta alla Norma - eggplant, tomato sauce and cheese. Oh my, was it good! Delicious! I'm saving the recipe as one of the Easy 'N Tasty kind ;)

You remember I mentioned on Monday that Sabrina hung a cleaning roster on the fridge? That my go is every Monday, Cake's is on Wednesday and Sabri and Paolo's on Saturdays? 
Well, guess whether Cake did what she was supposed to do today? I seriously can't get her.. she didn't even come back all day! I saw her at the markets and she told me she was going at a friend's house, and I mean, that's totally cool with me, but she should have done her share before thinking of enjoying and all. 
Paolo texted her tonight, when we realized she meant she was sleeping over at her friend's house thus not even thinking twice about her duties in the unit. She said she'll clean tomorrow. We'll see. One thing for sure, we're not pleased at all and our patience is wearing thin.