Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day #156

And the award for the Best Boss in the World goes to Davina Fiderio!!!! Guess who got enough days off next week to go to SYDNEY?!!!!!!! That's right! I did!!!!! :D Oh, my, I can barely hold it together!!! It has always been a dream of mine to visit it and who cares if it's Winter and I'm going to freeze, I'll be in Sydney!!! Yay!!!!
Just bought my flight and hostel. I'll stay there from Sunday through Wednesday :) Can't wait!!!
Ok, gotta start thinking what to put in my luggage..

At the moment I'm typing from the Hamilton Library as we have Internet problems at home.. and tonight I'll stay at Claire's - I guess - as we're going to the Salsa/Samba/Latino Night at Cloudlands in the Valley! Ok, gotta go.. library is closing for the day!
Talk to you soon!

This is the good life, guys! I'm so grateful!